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Every candidate feels heard, every interview feels personal.

Give candidates an experience they will remember for all the right reasons. Accelerated interview cycles and increased objectivity don't just improve efficiency—they elevate your brand in the eyes of potential hires.

ATS Integrations leaving scorecards filled faster than you can say "Artificial Intelligence"

After the interviews, Aspect autodrafts your Scorecards or Feedback forms in your ATS with data from your interviews.

Scorecard Autofill:

Notes sync only:

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Unite Your Hiring Team With A Shared Repository Of All Interviews

Collaborate effortlessly across your hiring panels, utilizing shared recorded calls and interactive feedback tools to make collective decisions that shape the future of your organization.

Commit To A Fair And Structured Interview Process with Our AI Interview Coach

Enhance interviewing skills with our AI-powered coaching feature. Receive actionable feedback, improve your questioning techniques, and become a more effective interviewer.

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How It Works

Improve the candidate experience, quality of hire and operational excellency with an interview platform that takes the workload of your shoulders and gives you complete visibility into your hiring conversations.

Aspect joins your interviews and captures all candidate interactions on Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Automated AI interview notes and summaries straight to your ATS

Bring evidence into every hiring decision in one collaborative and searchable AI interview platform

Get started with 5 interviews for free

You're a few steps away from drastically improving your hiring speed and saving 100s of hours of note-taking time.

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