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Aspect Help Center FAQ

Welcome to Aspect's Help Center! In this FAQ section, we will answer common queries about how Aspect's AI-powered platform supports and enhances the role of an interviewer. Let's dive in!

How does Aspect enhance the interview process?

Aspect redefines your interview process by allowing you to fully engage in each conversation without the distraction of taking notes. Using AI technology, Aspect transcribes your interviews, delivering detailed, human-level summaries that capture the subtleties of each interaction. This means you can concentrate on the candidate, ask structured questions, and improve the overall quality of your interviews.

How does Aspect AI help me as an interviewer?

Aspect AI simplifies the interview process by providing a range of features designed to help interviewers:

  1. Note-Taking: No more rushed or incomplete notes. Aspect delivers clear, detailed, and customized AI summaries of every interview, capturing the nuances that matter most.

  2. Interview Training: Get personalized feedback based on your interactions to enhance your interviewing techniques.

  3. ATS Integration: Aspect integrates seamlessly with your existing ATS systems, consolidating all your recruitment tools into one unified solution.

  4. Candidate Highlight Reels: You can create short highlight reels to share quickly with your team & clients for faster decision-making.

  5. AI Interview Coaching: Aspect can help you improve your interviewing skills with targeted coaching based on AI analysis.

  6. Efficiency: Aspect speeds up your hiring process, making it more efficient and effective.

How can I reassure a candidate about the recording of our interviews?

Recording interviews allows both interviewers and candidates to focus on the conversation rather than note-taking. This leads to a richer, more meaningful dialogue. Moreover, recording ensures that our hiring decisions are based on accurate recall of the conversation, promoting fairness and equity. By sharing these benefits, you can assure candidates that recording interviews supports an efficient, equitable, and informed hiring process.

How does Aspect respect candidates' preferences regarding recording?

Aspect is designed to respect candidate preferences. If a candidate prefers not to be recorded, they can choose to opt out. This choice won't impact the structure of the interview or the decision-making process, and won't affect their candidacy.

How does Aspect's AI enhance note-taking?

Aspect's AI creates full transcriptions of your interviews, highlights key moments, and provides bullet-point summaries. This offers a comprehensive overview of each interview, helping you and your hiring team to make informed decisions based on specific candidate responses.

Can I use Aspect's AI for coaching?

Yes, with AI Interview Coaching, Aspect provides personalized feedback on your interviewing technique. It helps you learn and grow as an interviewer, improving your hiring process over time.

Who can access interviews conducted using Aspect AI?

Interviews conducted using Aspect AI can be accessed by the hiring team for the role and the talent team. For privacy reasons, interviews can be made private in Aspect AI if needed.

How does Aspect's AI help with bias and fairness in hiring?

By providing structured interviews and thorough transcriptions, Aspect's AI ensures all candidates receive the same questions and have an equal opportunity to showcase their qualifications. It also offers insights into potential bias in the hiring process, helping you to continuously improve and commit to equity in every hiring decision.

Can Aspect's AI assist in collaboration among hiring teams?

Yes, by creating a shared understanding of what good looks like, Aspect AI enables efficient collaboration among interviewers. Recorded interviews allow team members to share insights, reducing the chance of candidates being asked repetitive questions, and resulting in a smoother, more organized interview experience.

What ATS systems does Aspect integrate with?

Aspect integrates with popular ATS systems such as Lever, Greenhouse, and Ashby, providing a streamlined, unified hiring solution.

We hope this FAQ answers your questions

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